How to get COD Points in COD Mobile

Call of Duty, usually known as CoD, is a popular game that has a mobile edition that is only available for mobile devices. You can switch between modes and maps anytime and wherever you wish.

CoD lets you play rapid survival 5v5 rounds, Battle Royale with up to 100 players, unique controls, text and voice conversations, and fantastic music and graphics. Experience the most popular shooting game ever.

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CoD Points 

The CP (CoD Points) is the money of Call of Duty, and it can be used to purchase stuff such as skins, weapons, and characters. It is readily bought in the CoD market, using Credits (C) or CoD Points (CP).

Players may purchase CPs with actual money by using their credit cards through the Play Google Store or the Apple Store iOS.The charges vary, and certain transactions include extra percentages.

Did you know you can earn CoD Points on CoD Mobile for free? We will also show you how to make the greatest use of your credits in the mobile game. Check out our tutorial!!

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1- Watch the advertisements 

Few people are aware that the adverts that display at the top right corner of the screen next to your profile give around 25 Credits. They are brief videos, lasting around 30 seconds on average.

Although 25 Credits may appear to be a modest sum, you may utilize this functionality on a daily basis. By watching them every day, you can accrue credits over time.

2- Be an active gamer 

A large number of Credits are guaranteed for active gamers. Simply signing in every day ensures that you will earn prizes on a daily basis, some of which are gaming currency. As a result, it is possible to purchase weapons and other stuff with collected values.

3- Perform all available events and missions

Events and Quests are the simplest ways to obtain a significant number of Credits. From the main menu, players can always see which missions and events are available.

It is critical to review the objectives and complete them in order to obtain the game’s prizes. There are more than six challenge classes to complete, with dozens of various conditions to meet, so you may amass a significant number of coins.

4- Battle Pass 

The best method to spend CPs and CoD Points is to purchase the Battle Pass for 360 CP or the Premium Plus version for 880 CP. As a result, the more players who complete tasks and level up their accounts, the more benefits they receive.

5- Read your Mail 

It sounds silly, but reading the mail is important. Information received in the game can be viewed by clicking on the letter-shaped icon at the top of the screen. This feature will not be available all of the time, but it does reward the user if they receive any content. 

6- Google Opinion Rewards 

Through Google Opinion Rewards, users can answer opinion surveys and in return receive a credit amount, to spend on products available in the store like the game currencies.