How to get free chests and keys in League of Legends

League of Legends, abbreviated as LoL, is a Riot Games MOBA (online multiplayer battle arena game) in which two teams of five players compete in PvP warfare to defend their half of the battlefield.

There are several methods to gain free stuff and skins for your champions through the game’s reward system. Following that, we’ll show you how to obtain Hextech Chests and the keys to unlock them, ensuring that you acquire your free skins, sentries, and icons.

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Hextech chests

Within LoL, Hextec Creation is the method that allows players to obtain various things like exclusive skins that would ordinarily be purchased with RP for free (Riot Points).

Hextech Chests are miniature treasure chests in this context. Skin pieces, champion pieces for 4800 EA or more, permanent emotes, summoner icons, orange essence, as well as jewels, keys, and bonus boxes, may be found in these.

Because chests are generated at random, they may include goods that have previously been obtained. In this situation, you can trade them to get fresh content or disenchant them to assist in the creation of permanent content from fragments that you do not currently own.

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How to get the Hextech Chests

Hextech Chests may be obtained by playing with an eligible champion and achieving high Champion Mastery grades such as S- or above – or if someone on your team achieves an S grade. Each chest is associated with the champion who was utilized in the match.

The player has four empty chest spots. When you get all four, you can’t get any more until one of the slots becomes available. Spaces are released seven days after they have been used, but only one at a time.

When you obtain a chest for getting an S rating with a champion, you cannot obtain another chest with that same champion until the next season begins. At least one Skin Fragment is guaranteed for every three chests opened in a row.