How to get diamonds on Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is a mobile free-to-play battle royale that has reached the impressive mark of having more than 80 million active users daily from everywhere in the world.

With so many active users, players naturally want to know how to enjoy the game to the fullest. Many search for the best ways to accumulate the game’s premium currency, diamonds, to further customize their matches. Keep reading to find out more.

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With Free Fire diamonds the player is able to buy new skins to customize the appearance of their characters, new vehicles, weaponry, emotes, abilities and more.

As with many other games, the quickest and most direct way to get access to premium currency is through buying it on the official Free Fire store with real money.

But there are players that resort to other ways to obtain more diamonds that do not require spending that much money. We will cover all the other legal ways to get more diamonds in the next topics.

Image: Web/Reproduction

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There are seasonal events in Free Fire which offer free diamonds to the players that are willing to participate on them and complete missions.

The event calendar is accessed through the main lobby by clicking on a calendar icon on the right side. Once the player completes the missions and tasks of the event, they can get access to their well-deserved rewards.

Level Up Pass

Through the official store, instead of buying a diamond package, the player can multiply their diamond gains without spending that much by buying a Level Up Pass.

This pass is an offer that rewards the players with diamonds every time they level up in Free Fire. It consists on a one-time offer for each account and it can reward the players with up until 800 diamonds.


Most of the events are also connected with the official Garena streaming platform called Booyah. Through watching clips and completing daily tasks on Booyah’s app or website, the player can be rewarded with diamonds directly on their game account.

First of all, the player needs to login on Booyah and link its account with their Free Fire account. Sometimes there are loot drops on specific gaming channels on the app, so the player should be on the lookout for that.

There are also many clip contests for Free Fire on Booyah, in which the player can send their own clips and if they win, they are rewarded with great prizes in-game.

Bug Reporting

Although this alternative is a little more complex, it is also possible to be rewarded with free diamonds by successfully reporting bugs on the Advanced Server so that the game’s development team can fix it before the update is released on to the other servers.

In order to access the special server, you need to login on the website with your Facebook account that is linked to your game ID and complete the sign up.

But players must be aware that the advanced server is not open all the time, only during the testing period of a new update.