How to get free gems on PK XD

PK XD is a free online mobile game in which you may build your house, create your avatar, and engage with friends and people from all over the globe.

It is an open-world social game with many customization choices for your character and a variety of minigames. Check out the methods for obtaining free gems in the game right now.

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After you’ve created your character, you may personalize it with numerous costumes and accessories. You’ll need to utilize the game’s coins for this.

Coins are classified into two types: common coins and jewels. There are various ways to obtain coins, most of them are simpler.

Gemstones are a little more difficult to get by. The simplest method is to pay real money for a pack of gems at a retailer. But first, let’s look at some easy ways to obtain the gems for free.

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Exploring the World

You can uncover a Surprise Box in secret places as you explore the universe of PK XD. Coins or jewels, as well as tickets, may be found within the Surprise Boxes.

That is why it is critical to explore every nook and cranny of the map. To pick up boxes at really high spots, the player must employ the double leap power-up.

Watching the ads

When a bonus button with a blue border appears in the game, click on it and watch the brief promotional film to the finish to be rewarded with a certain number of gems.

Watch anytime you can to help you get the gems faster. You may leave the advertisements running while you do anything else, and they’re also brief, averaging 30 seconds, so you won’t have to wait long.

Logging in every day

You gain more coins each day you log into the game in a row, and you can also get them by glancing at the news page or spending more time inside the game exploring the globe.

When a player enters without fail for 5 days in a row, even if he doesn’t play much and merely enters, he receives a Surprise Box, which he may reward with gems.

In the Juice Shop

There is a robot in front of the juice business ” Juice “; chat to him about working for him in collecting fruits that will be used to manufacture the juices.

If you accept the challenge, you will be given a time limit in which to collect each fruit. When you complete all of them, the robot will award you with money and, after 5 consecutive tasks, a Surprise Box.

At the pizzeria

It is possible to work as a pizza delivery guy on the pink spacecraft where the pizzeria is housed. Simply obtain the delivery bag, and you will have enough time to deliver 5 pizzas, for which you will be rewarded with money if you complete the task. You will also receive a Surprise Box if you accomplish 5 tasks in a row.

Crazy race

You may also play Crazy Run inside the arcade to earn cash and gems. You do not have to win the race to receive the rewards; only participate and finish on time. After completing 5 races, you will receive a Surprise Box, which may include diamonds.