How to get skins on League of Legends

League of Legends is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena developed by Riot Games, in which the players can choose from over a hundred characters with unique abilities to form a team together with other players and engage in battle.

These characters can be customized with various skins, which are obtainable in different ways within the game. Read on to get to know all the ways in which you can get new skins for your champions on LoL.

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

On League of Legends, skins are items that can alter a characters’ appearance either by changes in the color scheme of its outfit or changes in the champion’s clothing and style itself. Some skins can even come with exclusive visual or sound effects.

Despite having an effect on the graphical appearance of a character’s sprite, the skins have no practical in-game functions or effect on the gameplay itself. They are valued for aesthetic and status, and the possibility of making the champions more unique and personalized.

Each skin comes with its own splash art produced by official artists and displayed during the selection of champions.

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

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The most direct way to get new skins in the game is through purchase from the official store, with the in-game currency called Riot Points.

The price of the skins varies according to their tier, attributed also according to how much does each skin affects a character’s appearance and effects it may bring on.

But there are other ways to get skins if the player chooses not to acquire them through Riot Points.

Hextech Chests

Hextech Chests are obtained for free through earning S rank on Champion Mastery scores with different enabled champions or by direct purchase through the official store.

Inside the chests there can be skin shards, permanents, gems or essences. The skin shards can be put together using essence to be forged into permanent content and whole skins.

The player can also purchase Masterwork Chests which have 70% increased chance of containing skin shards.

Hextech Keys

To open the chests, the player will need keys. The keys can be bought together with the chests in a bundle.

Key fragments can also be obtained for free just by playing fairly in any matchmade game and having a high honor score.


Gems can be found inside chests along with other items. A gem can be turned into a bundle of key + chest or put together with others to form skins or unlock different content.

When 5 gems are forged together the player gets an Hextech Ward, and when 10 gems are forged together, it is possible to obtain exclusive Hextech skins.


Through re-rolling, it is possible to get skin shards and permanents together to get a random piece of content the player doesn’t own yet without the need of using essence to unlock it.

In re-roll the player can obtain skins for every champion and very rare skins that would be difficult to obtain in any other way.