What’s new with Grand Chase relaunch

Grand Chase is a 2D platform and action-adventure RPG game that was a huge success during the first decade of the century and won over a whole generation of players while it was at its peak, but ultimately had its service and development terminated.

However, it was recently announced that the acclaimed game will officially return, and its servers will be operational once again. Follow the main news about Grand Chase’s return in this post.

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Worldwide hit

Grand Chase was developed by the South Korean company KOG Studios and first released locally in 2003. Then it started becoming a huge success and expanding worldwide, even gaining a complete English voice-over.

On 2015, after 8 years of being active, the North American server of the game was shut down by the game’s company, being the last international one which had its service ceased.

In 2018, a mobile sequel called Grand Chase: Dimensional Chaser was released. But nonetheless, the fans still missed playing the original PC version for its unique story and features.

Image: Web/Reproduction

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The game’s relaunch was dubbed “Grand Chase Classic.” Overnight, a page for the game appeared on the Steam platform, announcing the closed beta testing version and the official launch date for the complete game, the last being set due sometime in August.

After years of fan-made servers that didn’t always accurately replicate the classic game’s experience, and a mobile version that failed to match the success of its parent game, fans are overjoyed to hear that the classic game is back in its original form.

What will come back

One thing is much certain about this timely reboot, which comes right as the franchise celebrates its 18th anniversary: it will bring back what gamers loved most about Grand Chase.

More precise details about the experience’s new possibilities will be revealed in the future by its developer, KOG Studios. Minor aesthetic changes in the layout design of some game pages, on the other hand, have been officially confirmed.

The previously introduced loot boxing system, as well as the shards collection system for class leveling up, should be kept, though they have the potential to be improved.

There will be 20 playable characters, each with their own backstory and abilities, that can be placed into the player’s slots. Each player starts with three characters and might add more as they progress through the levels.

The characters are leveled up separately through the experience points obtained in the dungeon quests or on PvP mode battles, through which they can obtain stats improvement and new equipment.

What needs to change

To successfully compete in today’s online gaming landscape, which is vastly different from the one Grand Chase was previously inserted in, many fans argue that the company must undergo certain changes.

One of the most frequently requested enhancements would be the inclusion of fair payment methods and microtransaction optimization, as well as better character balance and active moderation to prevent the use of hacks during matches.