How to become a professional gamer

E-sports are sports that are played in electronic formats. These games are usually video games involving one person, a team, or numerous players in one or more teams competing against each other very popular in the gaming industry.

Professional gaming distinguishes professional electronic game players, and this career has been a source of income for many gamers there are earning thousands of dollars, many of them are accomplished players, participating in numerous tournaments in the gamer world.

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Follow Online Tournaments 

It is essential to monitor the championships in order to meet professional players via social media and learn the methods used by players during competitions. Furthermore, depending on where you reside, you may follow live events and closely examine how competitions run.

Define the games and specialize 

At first, to become a professional video gaming, it’s best to try as much as possible, then pick the games you enjoy the most and specialize in. Many games are gaining popularity right now, including CS: GO, Battlegrounds, Paladins, Rocket League, Warcraft, StarCraft, Hearthstone, League Of Legends, and Dota 2.

You may specialize in the most popular ones to get more views and interaction, so grasp the game dynamics, follow tutorials and guides, learn specific techniques, watch videos, and seek as much knowledge as you can to be a good player.

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Practice a lot 

Electronic sports practice and training will surely bring you closer to being a professional gamer. So practice frequently, become a strategy expert, take it seriously, set objectives, and compete against individuals at greater levels than you.

This method will help you accomplish outcomes faster because it will affect your game development. If you’re preparing for competitions, play with professional gamers to put your skills and strategies to the test.

E-Sports teams/ Gaming Community 

Participate in selections to join e-Sports teams and leagues if you’ve reached a respectable playing level. There are multiple teams in Brazil and around the world, notably Team Liquid, which is well-known for its multiple triumphs.

In addition to Squad Liquid, other well-known e-Sports teams and leagues include PaiN Gaming (a Brazilian team well-known in DoTA 2 competitions), MIBR (a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game specialist), and Flamengo eSports (where the main game is League of Legends).

These clubs open selection processes in search of talented players it’s a career opportunity to form teams to compete in tournaments. Some clubs choose up to 15 players for tournaments, such as League of Legends and other famous games.

Follow the news

It is essential to stay current on all social networks on the internet, as many accounts dedicate internet space to the world of e-Sports, promoting events and unique news. Stay attentive so you don’t miss anything and can seize every chance.

Taking advantage of these chances can result in lucrative sponsorships and investors, as well as the development of skill and advancement as a professional player. So, commit yourself to games, practice hard, and stay up to date on all the latest gaming news.