How to get V-Bucks in Fortnite

Fortnite is a well-known online multiplayer game with support for numerous platforms and a variety of game styles.

Within the game, there are unique virtual currencies known as “V-Bucks” that may be used to purchase various products. Continue reading to learn about all the many methods to obtain V-Bucks!

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Different Ways to Get V-Bucks

Within Fortnite, V-Bucks may be used to purchase Skins, Pickaxes, Envelopments, Gestures/Dances, and Battle Passes. The main and most direct way to get premium coins and Fortnite V-bucks is, as you might expect, buying them with real money. To do so, the player must follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the “ STORE” tab;
  • Choose how many V-Bucks you want to buy;
  • To access the shopping system, click Buy (which varies depending on the platform you are accessing);
  • Confirm and finish the order.

However, this is not the only way to obtain the game currency. The other options are heavily influenced by the player’s preferred Fortnite mode, as we shall demonstrate below.

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Battle Royale

In “Battle Royale” mode, V-Bucks may be obtained via the Free Pass and/or the Battle Pass, a reward system that operates throughout a pre-determined time known as the “Season.”Each season, free access to the Free Pass is available, with the option to purchase the Battle Pass for 950 V-Bucks.

The Battle Pass contains prizes at the time of purchase and adds additional – including money – if the player’s rating rises to 100. You may also increase your rank for 150 V-Bucks.

If the player does not obtain it, playing the Free Pass delivers incentives in the form of things and V-Bucks as they progress.

It is vital to attend and play well in matches in order to advance in categories. Completing tasks, obtaining battle stars, winning fights, and defeating opponents all contribute to leveling up.

Save the world

There are additional methods to obtain V-Bucks in the premium mode “Save the World,” where players must join together to battle a zombie apocalypse.

A fairly basic method is the daily connection prizes, which are available every day the user logs in or completes Story Mode quests.

Coins may also be earned by completing Storm Shield Defense chores, challenges, and missions. The prizes for each are mentioned in the game’s “Tasks” menu.

Fortnite Club

There’s also the Fortnite Club, a monthly membership service that costs R$38 and provides many privileges such as full access to the current season’s Battle Pass and 1000 additional V-Bucks each month.

It also comes with a special costume bundle. The Club may be accessed directly from the Item Shop or the Battle Pass purchasing screen.

Please keep in mind that the Club membership is tied to the platform from which it was purchased – the products will display on multiple platforms, but they and coins are redeemed monthly through the primary account from which the subscription was obtained.